The FUELED Metabolic Reset Method

Feel boundless energy! Start burning fat, healing your gut, and stopping the insanity of trying to eat less, only to weigh more! My method helps you be a winner at losing.

FUELED METABOLIC RESET is a SIX WEEK PROGRAM to lay a foundational roadmap to restore digestive health, break through brain fog, and tap into the best energy source ever. YOUR BODY FAT. The method is a combination of two powerful integrative protocols used by thousands of functional medicine doctors restore health and boost metabolism naturally. This is the method I used to regain my health. The program consists of 4 steps that put you on your way to create a better body and mind. By the end of this program you a have a blueprint for health you can follow for a lifetime.

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I am Sandra Miller, and I want to show you the roadmap to living clean, getting lean, and reclaiming your health. STOP the frustration of LOSING at losing- and hit the RESET BUTTON!

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Using the FOUR Rs of Gut and Brain Health we will be changing our food, mood, and attitude!

Alleviate nagging symtpoms, restore energy, and burn fat, by resetting your fat storage hormones.

  • Using food to improve mood while curbing hunger and cravings in just days.

  • Combined with your LIGHT DIET RESET to begin to shift your fat burning genes ON!

  • Learn the method used by integrative physicians to heal your gut.


  • Understand the food and mood connection and... have simple tools you can use anytime, anywhere to stop bad habits, and get quickly back on the right track.

You get weekly coaching to implement the two powerful methods to get results that last.

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You will get all this and....special training on how to choose your supplements and probiotics. Your better body begins here. Put an end to emotional eating as you finally learn how to stop the pattern of poor habits and be more in control of your appetite.

Every week you will feel more and more energized!!

Say goodbye to your sluggish metabolism!

  • Build foundational skills for putting together the healthiest diet four your personal body type and learning how to cycle your calorie intake, to find the "sweet spot" that keeps you burning fat for fuel.

  • Learn easy to implement hacks that help you go further faster.

  • Learn how to energize your liver daily and slowly detoxify from perhaps even decades of chemicals stored in your body fat. A healthy liver is your key to vibrant health.

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